Sunday, October 23, 2011

modern bugger

I came across a blog recently that had a step by step for this pattern, I liked it so much I had to tie one up to swing to hungry fall trout today. I got one nice brown on a black wooly bugger, and there was a lull in the action. I tied on this modern bugger variant and on the second swing I got a savage pull, but no one was home.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

And another

Man these fish are cool!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I found him 9/17

I set out on a journey to find fat albert, who has eluded me in the past. Well I found him! My buddy Harold and I hit the road at 530am on saturday morning and headed up to the border of RI and CT. We were one of what seemed like a hundred boats, it was very tough fishing. Cant wait for my next taste. The intensity and speed of these hardtails is amazing!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

small baits

I tied these 2 with fat albert on my mind, but I think I will swim them tonight for a striped audience.
Mustad c68sz size 1
White BT high tie
Anchovy blend SF blend high tie(very sparse)
4 turns of medium red palmer chenille
Arctic fox wing and throat
Senyos laser dub and JC
Hard as nails to coat and tame

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silverside City

Got out at 10, some fish around, I got a couple small fish. My buddy Josh got the fish of the night. Silversides were everywhere, they were big or small, no medium bait.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While I was fishing the worm hatch

a couple buddies were around the corner and had a good week too! Last week that is...

Nice fish on a big plug G!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

simple high tie

Tied this up to offer to busting fish in the wee hours of the morning. Last night I was offering my clouser to fish busting on the surface, and I thought an unweighted fly with hot pink should do the ticket tonight.
1/0 EC l253 hook
gold diamond body braid body
high tie of SF flash blend, anchovy color
high tie of hot pink BT
small clump of bunny throat
jungle cock eyes

over the rainbow

I found my pot of gold!
After a long week of fishing late, and getting my fair share of fish, I finally got my reward for my time put in. The worms didnt come off until later, around 1:45 am. I again used one of my simple clousers, pink and olive to take these two fish.
Here is the fish of the night and the week.

And this one ate 3' in front of me, put up a great fight, as you may be able to tell I was standing on a dock so I really had to control this fish from breaking me off on pilings and other hazards around a marina.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

simple clousers

I tied these up today, I have been fishing the same fly all week with great success, they seem to prefer pink.

I have found this simple fly has produced for me when all else fails.

After the fireworks

I hit the water around 12:30, figuring by then the majority of the crowd from the fireworks would have diminished. I strung up and walked over to my spot and within a few moments I came tight to a feisty mid 20 inch striper who made a couple of nice jumps. As I am fighting this fish I hear a "woo hoo!! bring him in!!!" very close to me, I look behind and over my shoulder and there is a drunk making his way toward me, stumbling a bit. I got the fish in and he asked me if I was going to keep it, I told him no, I was going to snap a quick pic and send it on its way. He seemed disappointed and walked away.
I caught a couple more around the same size, and had a couple hits from some bigger fish that I was sight fishing to under the lights of a dock. It was another good night, I am running on 5 late nights in a row, 4 hours of sleep each night, but I will be out there again tonight.

This last week has been the most consistent fishing I have experienced all season. Clousers have been doing the trick.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little exploration pays off

I got out last night around 10 and met a buddy to fish off some docks at a local marina. I have been fishing this spot with decent success for the last 3 nights. The worms were at their peak on tuesday night, and the fish were all over them.

So last night the fish didn't seem interested in worm patterns, but my buddy got a few fish on a shrimp pattern. I switched over to a chartreuse clouser, and almost immediately was into fish. I was standing on a dock watching fish illuminated by the overhead lights of the marina, leisurely swimming and sipping the profuse amounts of bait that is at this spot now. After we both caught a handful of fish this particular spot shut down. We heard some slurps and pops from the distance, so we decided to investigate.

This was my first season fishing the worm hatch at this marina, it has been a fun learning curve with some worthwhile little spots located within. There is a small(1/3 of an acre) tidal pond with a small culvert that runs under a road into the marina. Well similar to last year, there were fish all over this little outflow. I hooked into a good fish, after I set the hook it took off towards my buddy, I stopped it and brought in front of me by 20 feet, and it started some heavy head shaking and managed to throw the hook. I didnt get to see this beauty, but I did get the privelege of feeling her power. She even left me a slightly bent hook as a reminder of our encounter. The fish continued to pound bait at will, what a site. When the clock rang 1:15, I had to head home to get some rest before having to get up for work in the morning.

On my drive into work this morning, even as tired as I am from fishing 4 late nights in a row, I had a smile on my face as I replayed the evenings events over in my head.
Headed back out tonight, in search of the one that got away.

Here is the only fish I was in a place to snap a quick pic before a quick release.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


While on the cape, I ran into this at Nauset.

Big Apple solitude

I had to meet some of my crews yesterday evening on the Intrepid pier for a project we are working on. After I got them going, I had some measuring to do for another project on the flight deck.

Because we work after normal business hours, I had the whole place to myself. Not fishing related, but what great views and not having to share such a cool place with another soul.

And when I turned around, this was my view.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

some flies

I tied these up over the last year, this is Pinkey, the fly responsible for my first few fish of the season.

This is a fly I called big swimmer, I lost it to a big blue last fall.

And this one is a september night variant, sort of a herring imitation, You can also find this one buried in the corner of the mouth of the fatty in "Trifecta of sorts".

Simple flatwing

The sandeels have been thick, but the silversides have been showing up in bigger numbers, I plan on swinging this fly after dark at an outflow that I have done well at.
Very simple 2 feather flatwing, olive over white tied on a gami sc15 in 3/0.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/7 stipers everywhere

I hit the water around 7:30, I wanted to swing a big bunker fly I tied a few nights ago, I only managed a couple small hits, but there were fish chasing silversides and sandeels. I walked back to the jeep and strung up my 7 wt with a floater and a small black clouser, and was into fish from the second cast. I got around 7-8 fish, they were small, some as small as 14" and the largest around 20". After the action died down I moved to a nearby spot that has been fishing well, with sandeels everywhere and fish crashing them in a foot of water. I stopped by my honey hole and swung my sparse black clouser through it and came tight to a feisty 26" striper. He battled valiantly, making a dash across a small flat, in 8" of water, what fun! I made a few more casts with no other action, so I called it a night and headed home around 9:30.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pink was the ticket II

The sand eels are in, they arrived in mass a few days ago, and tonight my timing was good. I met my buddy Josh in the parking lot to meet SickB and Gaston who were already on the water around 6, with 2 hours of the outgoing left. The fish were chasing clouds of sand eels, and so were the birds, I made a few casts with a pink and white clouser to swirling fish and came tight to a few feisty stripers in the 20-24 inch class, and then there was a lull in the action. Josh and I decided to change things up a bit, and go big and heavy, we both hooked up with a couple of fluke! It was a great night to be out, hopefully I can sneak up on a pod of bigger fish tomorrow night, I have a spot in mind.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Some worms around, and a fish or two

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monomoy Surprise 5/21/11

I met up with some buddies for a long weekend of chasing stripers on the cape.
Friday evening we hit the Bass River near the mouth. We found some fishy water, but no fish to hand. We did bear witness to an all out blitz with lots of birds working and some nice splashes underneath, unfortunately they were 100 yards away and moving away from us.

Saturday we met with Captain Keith of the Rip Ryder and he dropped us off on North Monomoy for a day of wading the flats. The fishing was pretty slow due to the east wind and lack of water. Here is the surprise of the day, My buddy Brian tied into this beast, hooked perfectly in the corner of the mouth.

It was a cool, foggy and drizzly day, but we had the place all to ourselves. The sun only came out for a half hour, and 1 good size pod of fish cruised by. Here are some other pics.

Even though the fishing was slow, it was great to hang out with some new faces who were really great guys. Did I mention we had North Monomoy to ourselves?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trifecta of sorts

I got out this morning set to incicator nymph a local river for trout, I hooked a dozen or so but only brought 3 to hand. I moved to another spot and on my first cast 2 big browns came up and hit my orange thingamabobber, one of them taking it under water! So my wheels started turning, and I put on an adams parachute and got 2 gorgeous browns about 17" on a dry.

After ending on such a good note, I decided to grab a bite to eat, and went to the gym. I wanted to chase stripers, and good thing I went out. There was a school of keeper sized stripers at one of my favorite outflows in Western sound. I tied up a big september night variant in the dead of winter longing for a day I could swing this fly while wearing a t-shirt, and today was that day.

I hooked into 3 stripers, the first two went about 26", and the second cast after releasing the second fish, I got a strong take, I set the hook hard and the fish took off. Within a few seconds the fish was on the reel and my backing knot headed out of the guides. I put the brakes on and started rough housing this fish. Made a couple runs in the middle of the fight, what a strong fish, felt like a 35"er, but more like 30". This was the fish of the day.

First stripers of the season 4.24.11

After a long winter and cold April, everything came together on Easter Sunday. I got out to favorite early season outflow just after dinner and got to swinging a fly I call Pinkey, a big tented wing herring pattern. I got a couple fish, this was the best of the night.