Saturday, July 2, 2011

After the fireworks

I hit the water around 12:30, figuring by then the majority of the crowd from the fireworks would have diminished. I strung up and walked over to my spot and within a few moments I came tight to a feisty mid 20 inch striper who made a couple of nice jumps. As I am fighting this fish I hear a "woo hoo!! bring him in!!!" very close to me, I look behind and over my shoulder and there is a drunk making his way toward me, stumbling a bit. I got the fish in and he asked me if I was going to keep it, I told him no, I was going to snap a quick pic and send it on its way. He seemed disappointed and walked away.
I caught a couple more around the same size, and had a couple hits from some bigger fish that I was sight fishing to under the lights of a dock. It was another good night, I am running on 5 late nights in a row, 4 hours of sleep each night, but I will be out there again tonight.

This last week has been the most consistent fishing I have experienced all season. Clousers have been doing the trick.

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