Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little exploration pays off

I got out last night around 10 and met a buddy to fish off some docks at a local marina. I have been fishing this spot with decent success for the last 3 nights. The worms were at their peak on tuesday night, and the fish were all over them.

So last night the fish didn't seem interested in worm patterns, but my buddy got a few fish on a shrimp pattern. I switched over to a chartreuse clouser, and almost immediately was into fish. I was standing on a dock watching fish illuminated by the overhead lights of the marina, leisurely swimming and sipping the profuse amounts of bait that is at this spot now. After we both caught a handful of fish this particular spot shut down. We heard some slurps and pops from the distance, so we decided to investigate.

This was my first season fishing the worm hatch at this marina, it has been a fun learning curve with some worthwhile little spots located within. There is a small(1/3 of an acre) tidal pond with a small culvert that runs under a road into the marina. Well similar to last year, there were fish all over this little outflow. I hooked into a good fish, after I set the hook it took off towards my buddy, I stopped it and brought in front of me by 20 feet, and it started some heavy head shaking and managed to throw the hook. I didnt get to see this beauty, but I did get the privelege of feeling her power. She even left me a slightly bent hook as a reminder of our encounter. The fish continued to pound bait at will, what a site. When the clock rang 1:15, I had to head home to get some rest before having to get up for work in the morning.

On my drive into work this morning, even as tired as I am from fishing 4 late nights in a row, I had a smile on my face as I replayed the evenings events over in my head.
Headed back out tonight, in search of the one that got away.

Here is the only fish I was in a place to snap a quick pic before a quick release.

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