Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trifecta of sorts

I got out this morning set to incicator nymph a local river for trout, I hooked a dozen or so but only brought 3 to hand. I moved to another spot and on my first cast 2 big browns came up and hit my orange thingamabobber, one of them taking it under water! So my wheels started turning, and I put on an adams parachute and got 2 gorgeous browns about 17" on a dry.

After ending on such a good note, I decided to grab a bite to eat, and went to the gym. I wanted to chase stripers, and good thing I went out. There was a school of keeper sized stripers at one of my favorite outflows in Western sound. I tied up a big september night variant in the dead of winter longing for a day I could swing this fly while wearing a t-shirt, and today was that day.

I hooked into 3 stripers, the first two went about 26", and the second cast after releasing the second fish, I got a strong take, I set the hook hard and the fish took off. Within a few seconds the fish was on the reel and my backing knot headed out of the guides. I put the brakes on and started rough housing this fish. Made a couple runs in the middle of the fight, what a strong fish, felt like a 35"er, but more like 30". This was the fish of the day.

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