Saturday, July 10, 2010

And pink was the ticket

I heard reports of bunker locally so I went out on Thursday night to see for myself. After searching a few spots to no avail, I decided to check a spot I have never fished before, often overlooking it to fish other nearby spots. Armed with my 10 wt and big bunker flies and a few other flies, smallest being a 4.5" surf candy, I hoped to see bunker with bass on them. No bunker, but I found a bit of nervous water, with small bait moving around. I could see juvenille silversides, no more than 2", and most less than an inch and a half long, there also small cinder worms zipping around, most around an inch. I had nothing in my quiver to match this small bait smorgasbord, so I decided I would go the opposite route, a big snake fly. Fished the snake fly with not even a tap for a little over half hour, so I tied on the surf candy figuring this would be the best shot at matching the bait. Nada, so I took a step back, found nearby higher ground, and watched. There is a light shining in the water and my vantage point was great, there was a school of keeper plus sized stripers lazily swimming around and slurping up mouthfuls of bait, it was quite a sight to see. After the action fizzled out, around midnight I headed home with a riddle to solve.

I just recently got a cape of whiting spey hackle in pink, and decided to put some to use. The feathers are similar to marabou, but have a higher breaking strength. I made a couple simple CCG candies, to match the microbait, and headed back out in search of feeding stripers last night.
Here are the flies:

Long story short, the stripers really liked the pink one. Interesting point of the night, there is a small outflow(15" pipe) emptying a small pond into a small bay, and there were stripers set up in and around the pipe, popping the microbait being funneled to them. I made a nice cast right to the base of this pipe, one strip and I came tight to a feisty little striper.

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