Friday, June 25, 2010

Convertible Calamari

I got a tube kit today, and had this on the brain.
pink BT hollow tied on tube
pink stritch, clump tied 360
white marabou folded and palmered
white webby hackle palmered and forced back

The squid is similar to the Sinister Squid, you will notice a few differences.
Owner AKI 4/0 hook
yellow arctic fox tail
JC eyes
yellow grizzly webby hackle, palmered and forced back
4 white hackles
light olive stritch palmered
4 white hackles
light tan finn raccoon in a dubbing loop and palmered
bleached peacock clump tied 360
6 olive bird fur hackles tied flat 360 around shank

With this setup, I could make the squid extra big and add a bit of color, or fish just the squid without the tube attached.