Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17 sand eel infestation

I got on the water around 7:30, about 3 hours into the outgoing. I ran into a buddy I havent seen since last year in the parking lot, so we caught up a bit. He told me there were birds working over blitzing fish and it just fizzled out, he was heading to another spot. I waded out to a hole as the tide had dropped enough to let me get there. I saw clouds of sand eels, in all directions dimpling the surface, but not alot of crashing, and then some bass moved in, big splashes, fish coming out of the water, it was mayhem.
The fish were fussy, I threw a few different flies, finally settling on a small CCG candy made with craft fur. There was a bass set up on a feeding station crashing sand eels passing by, but I was directly across current and couldnt present to this fish. So I waded up current to a spot where I could get a good swing in front of this fishes station, similar to swinging a wet fly to a trout on station. On the third cast the line came tight, and a few moments later I brought this gorgeous striper to hand, snapped a quick pic and sent it on its way. While this fish wasnt particularly big, it was great to solve the puzzle of the night.

Here is the fly

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