Sunday, July 11, 2010

7/10 worm hatch

Last night was a bit of a comedy of errors. First I lost both of the 3 fly dropper rigs I pre-made yesterday afternoon in the parking lot under the cover of darkness. After searching for 10 minutes, I figure I should just cut my loss and tie up another. I reach for my spool of 20 lb mono, and there is only 3' left. Luckily my buddy gave me a straight 6' shot of 20 lb mono, so I took the 3' I had and my newly acquired 6' and fashined a 2 fly dropper rig.

The bigger fish showed last night, and they were picky. My buddy(pictured) got one keeper size fish on a small worm pattern, around 1.5" long. There were ridiculous amounts of cinderworms cruising about, along with clouds of small silversides, and shrimp galore.

After we tried just about everything I went to the lonely looking chartreuse clouser left in my box. 3rd cast I see a good size fish turn, grab and flash, I set, I feel weight for split second, and its gone. We sat and watched as the action died out, cinderworms still doing their thing, all the while formulating
a plan for tonight.

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