Monday, October 22, 2012

switching gears 10.20.12

Photo courtesy of Harold  
With albie reports dwindling down(especially from shore), I met my buddy Harold up in Rhody for an evening of chasing stripers. We met at a spot new to me, only to find not much going on fishing wise. As you can see in the photo it is an amazing place, the sound of the surf clashing with the outflow was incredible, in a good way.

I moved to another spot between a couple salt ponds, and I found feeding fish. I had a great vantage point and could see the school of mullet being harassed by good size stripers. I waded up current of the pod and swung flies of all different colors, sizes and sink rates, with only a dink and a snagged mullet to show for my efforts. The bigger fish were keyed in on the mullet and I couldn't get them to eat any of my flies.

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