Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sight and night

I just cant stop sight fishing...I went out with a couple buddies last night to fish a local worm hatch, the worms came off thick and the fish showed up. There was a fair number of fish around, but not as many as I expected. I got 4 fish on worm patterns, here is the fish of the night.

Last week I got a call from my buddy, Ryan who told me I need to get up to the flats to do some sight fishing. I was able to get a buddy to come with, so we set out at 6am to the Rhode Island border. On the second flat we worked I got a 28-30" striper to eat a crab pattern in 2' of water. The fish bolted across the flat, I slowed it down when I saw my backing about to head out the guides, the fish surfaced, shook its head and did a barrel roll and just like that, my line came flying back at me, DOH!!!

So we continued to work that flat, and within a few minutes we spotted a couple similar sized fish cruising around. I threw a cast but the fish changed direction mid cast, I was about to recast when I see a big shadow heading toward my fly. The fish came up and slurped the crab in and we were on. As soon as she knew she was hooked she rolled on the surface and I could see just how big she was. After a few minutes of back and forth, I had her beside the boat, we snapped a few pics and sent her back.

                         Look at the shoulders on that girl!

A little while later, My buddy Pete hooked into a nice bluefish who put on a tailwalking show any Tarpon would be proud of. I had a couple other eats but they came unbuttoned after their first run. I had a few refusals as well, what exciting fishing it is.

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