Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lovin my new spot...

This has been an interesting season, caught my first few bass in March...a great fish in April...My usual spots haven't been producing as usual for the time of wading boots have been MIA since I sent them to Simms over a month ago because the soles fell off...but as a result of all those things that kept me shorebound which forced me to go to spots I may not normally go, I have had an awesome spring with fish between the 28"-38" range.

I had a meeting with a client this afternoon who lives within walking distance to my spot, so after my meeting I decided to take a few casts before heading home. On my second cast I was rewarded with the fish above, great way to end the day!

I'm really looking forward to getting my wading boots back soon so I can get to a few of my wading spots, and swing some big flatwings.

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