Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yo David!

I was at Compleat Angler today gettin a few things and showing some recent ties. I was inspired by a tie left by Mr. Nelson, I really loved the profile and movement, it also weighs next to nothing. Thanks for the inspiration, we gotta fish these this spring.
I had to whip up something similar for my quiver.
3/0 Mustad c68sz
bucktail high tie
white cashmere goat
ice wing
uv polar chenille palmered along shank
finn raccoon spun in a loop and wound
marabou collar doubled and palmered
JC eyes


  1. That is a nice tie. They have Wednesday night fly tying and i really need to take a night off to enjoy that.

  2. Thanks Savage, Logan is a buddy of mine, I was there the last couple wednesdays just hangin out. Try to make it next wednesday, 630 pm.